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    Default Drakes Bay race ,,

    Any insite for a first time Drakes bay racer , good courses, best paths , how long it will take in a Cal20 ,,,, ,,

    The Can O WhoopAss is signed up in PHRF2 , Most all the boats are rated 100 or under ! Eight day's and counting ....

    Cheers , Paul

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    Default 10 hours !

    You should finish about 8:30pm.

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    Hah !

    We did do it in TEN ! hours that is ...Saturday was a very brutal light air day .... But Sunday made up for it ... after a light air start , downwind with a port set spinny , we had starboard rights and made a few big boats dodge us. Now heading for the rocks 30 seconds after starting ,,,, Jibe southward !

    We headed west out into the ocean looking for air because we could see the boats working the shore not really moving... caught a building Nor westerly and started cruising.... Jibed a little early in the potatoe patch and headed to the north tower ! We really wish there was someone on point bonita with a video camera of our downwind run... Turned north with the Spinny up ! right into hurricane gultch ! With the wind abeam we dropped the spinnaker only 200 yard from the finish line...So glad to see the Corinthian.. Max speed in the moderate wind comming in the gate was 12.4 knots in the Cal20 , not so bad..

    Saturday 5th out of 9 in Div. ---- 9th out of 20 for the day
    Sunday corrected out 1st overall.... Sailer like ya dont' wanner back !

    -Paul , Can'O WhoopAss

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