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Thread: Return Crew for Delivery from Hanalei?

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    Default Return Crew for Delivery from Hanalei?

    I'm going to be in Hawaii around the time of the SHTP finishes. It was suggested that I post here to see if anyone might still be looking for additional crew to sail a boat back to the mainland. I live in the Bay Area, I'm not as accomplished as the singlehanders but I grew up sailing and have recent offshore experience including the 09 HaHa and return. I'm happy to elaborate on my skills for anyone interested. Please post or PM me. Thanks!

    Kristen (Kapi'i/Tiger Beetle)
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    Default I am available too

    Since I am not ready for the race this year and my wife booked some accommodations, we will probably go to Hawaii. I would be willing to crew back to the Bay Area or Puget Sound. I have about 6000 miles offshore experience and have made the Hilo to SF trip once before.


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