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Thread: Audio books for the trip - free

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    Default Audio books for the trip - free

    Newcomers to the TP will be surprised by the amount of dull time when the boat is sailing itself perfectly.

    I've been listening to classic audio books that you can download free from

    I'd suggest that you download a bunch of books to you MP3 player. I've really enjoyed both Mutiny on the Bounty and Moby Dick. The readers are excellent.

    Have a great trip.


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    Default But that would require buying an MP3 player!

    Out of idle curiosity ... does anyone else reading this not own an MP3 player?

    I plan to study Latin if I can focus.

    Max aka Ned Ludd

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    No MP3 here either - my kids have had them for years though (so I've BOUGHT plenty!)

    Final division splits are up - NO MORE WITHDRAWALS ALLOWED!

    Also the Comm Plan has been pdf'ed for easier downloading.

    We need a minimum commitment of five boats to have a diver available at the CYC to clean (or just wipe) hulls and rubber-band props (remember you can't put your engine in reverse to close the prop.)

    Hijack over.

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    I use the very cheap and bulletproof sansa clip+ (<40 at best buy, etc)
    Stores a ton of audiobooks, super small and no big screen to suck up battery power. Lasts a long time. KISS

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    Default Latin Study


    Ego innutum lectio Cesar ut a satus tunc permoveo ut Plutarc. Ego instituo ut uno intelligendo Latin est a valde contraho in aedificium edificium lingua solers.

    Bill Merrick

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    I do not and have never owned or desired to own an MP3 player. I don't watch broadcast TV and don't read a newspaper, so there's nothing for me to miss out on the ocean really.

    As for idle time, it depends on the person. I didn't have much idle time on the way to HI in 08, basically none. I was on the radio with checkins and email, plotting positions, trimming sails, tweaking the settings on the monitor, playing with the sextant, fixing meals and just sitting in the cockpit watching the boat sailing to HI enjoying the sights, sounds and motion. I listened to the Beach Boys once for a while. Rob Tryon, on the other hand, probably didn't turn off his music even when he went to sleep? I got stuck in the high for a day on the way home, dropped the sails and read a book then. Mostly the books I have on board are heavy weather tactics, sail trim, celestial navigation, etc. so probably not available for MP3 player anyway..........

    Dream Chaser

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    Bill - supra caput meum.

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    Default Audiobooks

    Well you may be too shy to admit it publicly, but I'm not, I have an iPod and am and audiobook fan.

    I have all the Hornblowers, all the Aubrey/Maturins, Sabatini, lots of other stuff, files converted to .m4b so the iPod does not loose its place if you listen to something else in the meantime. Also a metric butt load of sea shanties.

    PM me if you want 'em. I'll be in Alameda Tuesday evening, can provide a DVD-R in a plain brown wrapping.

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