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Thread: 2010 SHTP videos

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    Youtube is pretty flexible. You can upload to there in many different file formats. When Lee edits the video down a bit, have her host it online somewhere or email to someone and we'll get it posted on youtube. myself or someone else will help you out. It's easy and fun.

    Besides, i'm sure everyone wants to see some footage of the mighty Harrier at sea. I know i do!

    You can start the over 80 youtube crowd, Ken!


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    Default SHTP Videos

    OK, Ronnie

    I'm headed west in 2 weeks and will stop at Lee's house in TX. I'll get her involved and we'll get something out. I made a complete movie some time ago of our race in "94, I think. That was with an 8 mm cam corder. If I were to do the race again, I'd put that GoPro on my head and get the first few hours and then off and on to get a complete race movie. I have chips for 40GB of recording...should be enuf.

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    Default SHTP Footage

    I would also be happy to assist in the posting process...Life aboard Harrier in a Transpac?!!!! I would actually be willing to pay money to see some of that footage! Just from listening to you on Roll Call every morning and sounded like you always had a project going...whether you were changing your oil, doing your taxes, working on that scaled down model of the USS Hornet you store up in the V-berth, oh and also averaging 7-8 knots ALL THE TIME!! I'm very much looking forward to the footage Hope you are well...Are you Haha'ing it again this year?

    P.S. What is this I'm hearing about a potential Mini Transat campaign in 2013? Kathe says hi

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