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Thread: Conventional wisdom for 3 Bridges Race?

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    Question Conventional wisdom for 3 Bridges Race?

    I was out of town last week, so I missed the pre-race meeting. Last year folks suggested that the conventional wisdom was to start east and go counter-clockwise (not that this advice was particularly helpful for us starting later given the typical flukey wind!). I was wondering if there was any discussion at the meeting of the likely favored start direction for this year?

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    The conventional wisdom is to stay home in front of a warm fire.

    I don't remember everything Greg Nelsen said at the meeting. He pointed out that it will be flooding, rather than ebbing like the last two years. He mentioned that the slower-rated boats starting ahead of you are the best "windvanes" to see what's happening out on the course, and when asked which way he would go around and when he would decide, Greg said (as he has before) that he will decide which way to go when he's about to start!

    I've run the current numbers both ways and will make the final call when I see the wind direction. I can also tell you that in four attempts, I have only finished the race once.

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