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Thread: SHTP items for sale

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    Default SHTP items for sale

    Second Verse is finally back in the Bay! Itís so great to have her home and she is the last 2010 SHTP boat to make it back. I am doing the 1-2 with Mark Deppe, so I canít wait to see everyone up in Vallejo.

    Out of necessity I am selling some big ticket items, and smaller items, off my boat that I bought for the SHTP. Before I place them on EBay and Craigslist, I thought I would give you guys first shot at them. Please feel free to contact me directly by cell phone on any one of the items.


    AJ Goldman
    Second Verse

    1) 6 Person RescYouô Pro self-righting Viking Liferaft in a canister.

    This is their top-of-the-line model. This is the new 2010 version with bright yellow. I bought this liferaft new in March of 2010 and it is vacuum sealed and certified for three years (good for the 2011 LongPac and 2012 SHTP!). The liferaft cost me $3,100 and the canister was another $250.

    Selling Price: $2,500

    2) Iridium Sat Phone, the new 9555

    I have the new Sat Phone from Iridium plus a lot of extras. The phone worked absolutely perfect all the way across and back! The extras are an external antenna (a must!), pelican case, USB cord for your laptop, car charger, hands free set, and more. I only did my email and GRIB downloads using the Sat Phone. I am happy to help you with the set-up and any tech support you need. There are also some minutes left on the phone. I paid about $1,600 for the entire system.

    Selling Price: $1,100

    3) Mustang Ocean Commander Immersion Suit

    Never used, with carrying bag and instructions.

    Selling Price: $300

    4) ACR AquaLink View PLB-350C 406 MHz

    This is a great unit! It allows you to send messages home free that gives your GPS coordinates. It is ACRís newest and best PLB. I bought this new in March of 2010. The battery is good for four years.

    Selling Price: $250

    5) West Marine Inflatable Dingy AND Honda 2HP 4-stroke longshaft motor.

    I bought the Dingy new in May of 2010 just for Hanalei Bay! The motor was new in January. They both work great! Ask any SHTP vet, I think most of them got a ride at some point :-). The dingy was around $800, the motor was $950.

    Selling Price for BOTH as a package: $1,250

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    Default Acr plb


    I'll take the ACR PLB. If you bring it along to Vallejo I'll bring the $$$.


    Pat Broderick
    "NANCY" Wyliecat #28890

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    Default More Items for Sale

    UPDATE: All of the previous items have been sold! Itís great to pass on these items to a future 2012 SHTP skipper!

    Here are some more items that are now for sale:

    1) Hydrovane Self Steering system

    This is a big ticket item, and in my opinion, probably the best big chunk of money you will spend (the liferaft is essential, but you wonít use it). Check out the website, talk with many people, I think you will see why I chose this over the monitor. A big reason for me was that it was also my emergency steering system! In fact, your primary rudder is just a trim tab when the hydrovane is engaged.

    Here are the particulars. I have the A-frame model which is an extra $1,250. The entire system cost me $7,000 before shipping, they ship from the UK ($400). I also have the ocean spares kit which cost $200. If you want an unbiased opinion on how well it works, talk with Rob Tryon who sailed my boat 1,000 miles almost entirely with the Hydrovane.

    Selling Price: $5,000

    Here is the main web page.

    Here are the current prices:

    You can find pictures of me and my boat under this section:

    2) Felco C16 cable cutter (F-C16)

    These are a must when going offshore in a larger boat >30 feet. They are expensive, but considered by many to be the best. I have 3/8 strand so I wanted to get overkill if the rig fell down. No need to be struggling at that point! I paid $310.

    Selling Price: $150

    3) 72Ē Delta Drogue

    Brand new, never been in the water. I paid $250

    Selling Price: $100

    4) Wichard Gyb'Easy Boom Brake

    This worked great on the trip over. I like this system better than a preventer. I had two unplanned gibes and this really saved the day! I paid over $200.

    Selling Price: $100

    5) Asymmetrical Spinnaker with ATN spinnaker sleeve and ATN tacker

    This spinnaker is in great shape, very crispy, maybe flown 15-20 times total! It is a beautiful sale with blue, red, and black. I would say a 9 out of 10. It is a North Sail and it is a big sail, best for a boat over 35 feet. I paid $1800 for the sail, about $400 for the sleeve, and $125 for the tacker.

    Selling Price: $500

    6) Two high load Harken Snatch blocks

    These are expensive, but very worth it! They take a very high load and are very easy to open under load. I used them all over the place during the trip. I paid over $300 a piece!

    Selling price: $100 each
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    AJ, I'll take the boom brake.

    Bill Merrick

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    Sounds good Bill, I'll bring it to the meeting on the 27th.



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    All items gone.

    See everyone Saturday night!


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