So here's the idea. A singlehanded one design race from Biloxi, MS to Key West, FL. Heavy on Social Media with several marks near land for photo ops using escort boats. The other reason for these mandatory marks is to keep sailors from being enticed by the Gulf Stream loop, which is often a violent place. Also it gives the fleet a varied conditions course with reaching/running leg down the FL coast. Think about it as a Biloxi to Tarpon Springs to Key West type of course. Prize money for the winner based on funds from an event sponsor. I'm targeting $20,000. There's no money for second place.

Those of us who have been privileged enough to race in the Mini 650 class know how much fun this type of racing is. No handicaps, lots of boat to boat offshore situations and great camaraderie. This is the end goal. Fun.

Here's where I may lose interest, but as a delivery skipper one feature stands out that even surprises me: I don't care about the boat, it's all about the voyage. I play the same game delivering a Pacific Sea Craft 27 across the Gulf of Mexico as I do delivering an IMOCA 60 or racing a Class 40. It's all the same. So... I want to use Catalina 22's for this event.

They have build 15,000 Catalina 22's and are for sale everywhere in the USA for around $2,000 to $5,000. Most of us have a background in the sailing industry, either directly or by proxy, and we can do the work we need ourselves to make these unqualified boats seaworthy.

I haven't nailed down the mandatory marks, but I want them to be distanced so the fleet is rounding them during daylight. The start would be in front of a Casino in Biloxi, MS and the finish would be in the Key West Bight Channel.

I'm aiming to have this event in Spring 2022. I want to know who is interested from this group and get an idea of possible entries before pitching it to a sponsor. This is just a way to gauge interest.