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Thread: New Boat 4 Sled

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    It's been a tough winter for the Surge Narrows community with uncommonly heavy snowfall, rain and wind at times isolating the off-the-grid and self sufficient community that inhabits the the Discovery Islands of the north Sailish Sea, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

    Surge Narrows lies at the midrift of the East Side of Vancouver Island, at the confluence of the narrow Whiterock Passage to the east, the Hoskyn channel to the south, and the Okisollo Channel to the north. When the tidal currents run through the constricted rocky gaps at Surge Narrows at 14-16 knots, roving whirlpools abound and the tidal rapids sound like thunder at a mile distance.

    Surge Narrows area is a beautiful and fun place to explore by boat, and on foot. Friendly people and a tight-knit community in tune with the weather and their surroundings. The Octopus Islands lie 7 miles north, through Beazley Passage and up the Okisollo Channel, a thorough-fare for orcas.

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    The San Francisco Bay area is blessed to have an uncommonly talented group of sailing writers. Ronnie Simpson, John Riise, and Kimball Livingston are just a couple of the best.

    With the reduction of writing skills being taught in schools these days, I'm encouraged and recall fondly the kids at Surge Narrows's two room school, snowbound, and things they wrote this winter. Here are a couple of their stories.

    My Upcoming S.A.L.T’s Sailing Trip by Robbie Leggett
    Later this year, I will get to go on a ten day sailing program called
    “S.A.L.T’s”. The particular trip I am taking goes on the outer coast of
    Vancouver Island and from Victoria to Port Hardy on a tall ship
    called the “Pacific Swift”. It is over a hundred feet in length and is a
    schooner. There is one other ship I could go on called the “Pacific
    Grace”, but it isn’t sailing the rout I wanted. The Pacific Grace is a
    little bigger, is a schooner as well, and sometimes does the same rout
    as the Pacific Swift at the same time. My sister, Jenna, went on the
    Pacific Grace for the past two years. She did the outer coast first and
    the inner coast the next year. She is the one who recommended the
    outer coast to me. Jenna said the outer coast was a little more fun
    than the inner coast because at some points on the trip you hit wide
    open water with no land in sight. On the outer coast, there is also hot
    springs you eventually stop at. There are hiking trails on some of the
    stops we make, and lots of beaches you can look for souvenirs on.
    There will be lots of swimming, hiking, and learning how to sail a
    tall ship. I hope to tell everyone all about it when I return.

    Winter Wonderland by Salix
    As usual I woke up late, because it’s was a
    school day. I always get up late on a
    school day, and early on a normal day!
    But today was different! I gasped, as I
    looked up, at a white winter wonder
    land! It was “beautiful surprise” said dad
    grinning, ”wow” I exclaimed “ I made
    pancakes!” dad said. ……. There was silence
    as we ate…then Dad packed my
    lunch. After a while we headed outside, I
    made a snowball and threw it at dad! He
    made a face and threw one at me! Then
    he said “we should start to go” so we
    trudged up the hill. I started to sweat…..
    After about a thousand years it seemed to
    me, we were at the road. I threw my backpack
    on the snowy ground and panted. After
    we had caught our breath, I hurled a snowball,
    it hit dad in the chest, he said” huh?”
    but then caught on and started making a
    snowball, I promptly curled into a ball, it
    hit me on the back. After we were done the
    snowball fight, we did snow angels. Dad put
    two ears on his and said it was a snow bunny.
    I tried to make a snow bunny, but
    failed. I tried some more times and finally
    made one. Then the school bus came and I
    had to go. The End

    Dylan’s Snowy Boat Ride
    One day I went to school with my sister and Salix. We went in the little boat. Mom was driving us to school.
    Mom had to wear her sunglasses because it was very snowy.
    It felt very cold. I felt it everywhere! We could see the ocean and it looked like white and blue at the same time.
    The snow was falling and when it touched the ocean it turned to water. I couldn’t see the shoreline because it was
    too snowy. We couldn’t see any trees. But Mom knew where to go.
    The only sound I could hear was the boat. There was no birds flying around. We saw mist.
    By the time I got to school I was very cold. I got out of the boat and walked up the hill. There was lots of snow
    on the road. It was up to my waist. It was hard to walk in.
    When I got in the school I had to take all my snowy clothes off. My clothes kept me dry. It felt really warm in
    the school.
    Then Susanne made me do some work because it was a school day.
    The end. By Dylan
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    "The San Francisco Bay area is blessed to have an uncommonly talented group of sailing writers. Ronnie Simpson, John Riise, and Kimball Livingston are just a couple of the best. "

    You, Skip, are not exactly chopped liver as a writer either.

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    When a great white shark comes ashore during Spring Break, it could be news. Unfortunately, the 10 foot sub-adult that beached between the Capitola Wharf and Pleasure Point did not survive. Not that attempts weren't made. The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation tried to relaunch the great white, but failed. Then local pro-surfer and big wave rider Anthony Tashnick went into the shoal water up to his waist, grabbed the shark by the tail, and tried to pull the thrashing animal into deeper water.

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    That was on Friday. On Saturday the now deceased animal was loaded into the back of a pick-up truck and taken for a necropsy by a team of veterinarians from S. Cal.

    In this part of the world, many water men and woman, surfers and paddlers, respect and revere great whites. In the opinion of many, taking a shark for its fin, then discarding the still living animal is sacrilege.

    In 1991-92, Santa Cruz was visited by a school of basking sharks, perhaps a dozen. These are big creatures, much bigger than great whites. Basking sharks are the second largest fish in the sea, after the whale shark. Basking sharks are harmless, as they are plankton filter feeders. But their fin resembles a great white cruising the surface..and had locals a bit nervous for the month they were here, within sight of the Wharf.

    Once, during the 1991 visitation, I could see the head of a basking shark near the bow of WILDFLOWER, while its tail was near the stern, 27 feet aft.

    Unfortunately, the fin of a basking shark is worth a lot of money. And the species has been hunted to near extinction. We haven't seen them again in Monterey Bay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleddog View Post

    No one noticed as they sped past the ghost of another fishing tradition, the Monterey Clipper VITA MARIE, about to be trucked to the landfill.
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    Early in the last century, when commercial fishing was big business, feluccas were the fish boats of choice. Their design was based on the traditional Italian feluccas with lateen sail rigs and brought to the New World by Italian immigrants. At one time there were likely 500 sailing feluccas fishing between Monterey and SF Bay.

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    I went to school with Mark Siino, whose grandfather owned Monterey Bay Boat Works through the early 1970's. Marks father built the little felucca model that's hanging in the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Mark himself was encouraged to follow in the family tradition but times were changing and it was obvious that building and repairing wooden fishing boats wasn't going to make a living. I remember, in the early 70's the Boatworks being crowded with ferrocement sailing cruisers. I expect that most of them were never completed.

    When the gas engine like the Hicks Marine Engine appeared after WWI, many of the sailing feluccas either were converted, or disappeared. When the sailing rig was abandoned, the felucca becamea known as the "Monterey Clipper" like VITA MARIE.

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    Today, with their wood construction and modest speed, the Monterey Clipper is an endangered species, even at Fishermans' Wharf in San Francisco where few remain active in the fishing business. A pity, because the Clipper's double ended hull shape is pretty beyond words to look at.

    And who could resist the sound of their engines saying "Potato, Potato, Potato."

    Fair well, VITA MARIE.
    If the day ever comes that I pitch the sailing gig and get a power boat, it will be a Monterey-style fishing boat or a New England lobster boat. I'm not big on frill and the functional look of the boats with fishing heritage appeals to me.
    S-2 7.9: "Wildcat of Loch Awe"
    1968 Selmer Series 9 B-flat and A clarinets
    1962Buesher "Aristocrat" tenor saxophone
    Piper One Design 24, Hull #35; "Alpha"

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    Way back when, I took a OSCS Offshore sailing class. One day we were motoring from Halfmoon Bay to Santa Cruz on a glassy sea when we saw some fins. We motored over to get a closer look and as we got there they just gently dived. It was was a pretty amazing sight. It could very well have been 90 or 91.

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    Recent visitors to Capitola Boat Club and Maritime Museum were Craig and Vicky, schooner people from Los Osos (Morro Bay.)

    I first met C&V in Queen Charlotte Straits, British Columbia, as they doublehanded their beautiful schooner MAGIC, complete with Golly Wobbler...And Bengal cat, the fearless Archie, who lept from the bow of MAGIC's rowing tender to onboard WILDFLOWER, and disappeared below, to take position on my bunk.
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    Craig recently navigated the 107 year classic schooner MARTHA in the 2015 Transpac. This week C&V trailered something smaller than MARTHA to Capitola: their 20 foot, 300 pound, Iain Oughtred designed, Sooty Tern yawl WEE BONNIE. The Sooty Tern is a stretched version of Oughtred's popular 18 foot Arctic Tern.

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    It was Craig and Vicky's first time sailing out of Santa Cruz, and they enjoyed light to moderate winds as well as otter, humpback, and loon sightings.

    As WEE BONNIE returned to Santa Cruz Harbor, Craig managed to pick off the wave of the day, and "Ohhhh, Ahhhhh, Weeeee" surfed through the Harbor Entrance, safely attaining the launch ramp for a celebratory beer.

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    Thanks, Craig and Vicky, for the visit and photos!
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    In the above post I mentioned my first meeting with Craig and Vicky's schooner MAGIC in BC waters at the N. end of Vancouver Island. As well as my introduction to MAGIC's ship's cat, the irrepressible Bengal kitty "Archie," who leapt aboard WILDFLOWER and proceeded below for an inspection.

    Here's some more pics of MAGIC and Archie, compliments of Craig and Vicky. It is hard to say which is the prettier: the schooner or the kitty. They are both beautiful and fine examples of their species.

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    Wednesday Night Racing at Santa Barbara. Santa Cruz 27's are strong little boats. But not that strong. A few seconds later the mast came down. Oooops.

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    Brings up an interesting question. Who bears responsibility? The red Santa Cruz 27 was on starboard. The oncoming white sloop out of control under spinnaker was on port...

    I'd guess both boats equally at fault. The SC-27 should have seen the situation developing and got the hell out of there.

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    Well, I have not raced in years but I seem to remember that a windward boat must keep clear of a leeward boat, and it looks to me that white boat is to weather of the red boat.
    So the red boat has right of way....

    My father used to impress on me that it was possible to be DEAD RIGHT! (He was referencing pedestrian right of way in California.)

    I have won my share pickle dishes by avoiding trouble even if I had right of way, so I must agree with the "cat whisperer" that the red boat should have avoided the confrontation.

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    No lack of excitement getting to Santa Cruz Harbor yesterday....a big cat was visiting, and definitely not a catamaran.

    At the entrance to the East Cliff Shopping Center, a mountain lion decided to take a nap in a pepper tree. When he groggily awoke, he found himself surrounded by armed law enforcement. The expression on the mountain lion's face said, "Ah, Geeze, I'm busted. Might as well go back to my nap until they shoot me."

    All ended well, and the napping big kitty was safely relocated, sporting a fancy GPS collar. In support of peaceful interaction with all animals, Howard wore his red pussyhat to Coffee Club.
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