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    This isn't about sailing, rather a sailor without a sailboat doing something on the water.

    This last summer I started looking at the Seventy48 as something to do.
    Last August, my wife and I, sister and brother in law were out for a leisurely paddle on Lake Alpine when I sprung the idea on them.
    My wife chimed in saying she might like to do this too. I replied, it would be like paddling our canoe on SanFrancisco Bay.
    She thought for a moment and said maybe not.

    As the afternoon wore on the idea of 70 miles in 48 hours began sinking in.
    Questions ensued. When, Where, How?
    You're freakin' nuts!

    That may be, but the plan is hatched and action will be taken.

    Our canoe is a 15 foot Wenona production boat.
    Flat bottomed and nicely shaped is fairly fast and easily driven.

    My plan is to instal a sliding rowing seat to get as much out of her as possible.
    I found a kit with a set of plans to build the seat frame and rigger from Angus Boats. (no affiliation)
    Then a pair, not matched it turns out, of old wooden sculls on craig's list. They were delaminated and in really bad shape.
    It's amazing what you can do with a bit of epoxy!

    The boat and skipper are in training, money paid, forms filed, so we are in it !!

    I'll follow with some photos and updates on progress.

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    That looks great!
    What other auxiliary gear will you use? Compass, GPS, Rear-view mirror? Splash curtain? Anything sticking up in the air?
    Will you rest at max flood?
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    Not to be a spoiler, but I saw video after noting your entry.

    It should be fun. I was there for the inaugural event.

    It may be on my radar, if I get into shape.

    As for what to do during contrary tides, hug the shoreline and play the eddies. The SUP participants have an advantage.

    Have fun!


    PS I just turned my canoe into a fishing canoe by adding decks and oars. The solid single mount for the oars should do a fine job since canoe gunwales were not designed/built for concentrated torque. The paddling torque gets transferred to seat through the butt.

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    I've thought about it...
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