SSS 2011 Membership, Racing and Volunteer FAQ

Should I join SSS or just enter individual races?

Apart from the fact that SSS members are really cool, you should become a member if you thinkyou may do three or more of our races this year. Members get to enter the races (except the LongPac or TransPac) for free, so after your third race youíre saving money by being a member. And you avoid the repetitive payments. If youíre not sure about your racing calendar, enter a race or two. If you decide to become a member after that, weíll credit those entry fees toward your membership.

If I become a member, does that mean Iím signed up for all the races?

No, you need to go through the online entry process for each race (just once for Vallejo 1-2 weekend). Generally, you canít enter a given race until after the previous race. We want to be sure that your emergency contact info is current, and that youíve had a chance to see any amendments to the sailing instructions.

Whatís with the membership surcharge if Iím racing in YRA? Is that my YRA membership?

No, you pay YRA for your YRA membership and entries. But YRA requires that you be a memberof a yacht club. At the end of the season YRA bills each club $25 for every member that raced in YRA. While this expense would be ďdown in the noiseĒ for most brick-and-mortar clubs, for SSS itís a substantial portion of your dues. Itís only fair to pass the $25 cost through to the memberswho incur it rather than defraying it among all our members.SSS sounds like a cheap way to get my yacht club affiliation for YRA, even if Iím notinterested in shorthanded racing. We exist to promote shorthanded racing, and we donít want to undercut traditional yacht clubs. If you race YRA as an SSS member but donít participate in any SSS events, donít be surprised if we reject your membership application next year.

Just one page of sailing instructions for each race?

No way! Each of our races has a unique course and other features, so it has its own Additional Sailing Instructions. But you also need to familiarize yourself with the 4-page Notice of Race and Standing Sailing Instructions. In general, our races operate a little differently from what you may be used to, and most of those differences are spelled out in the NOR/SSI.

Do I need a PHRF certificate?

Short answer: probably. This year SSS wonít require PHRF certificates from bona fide one designs, as long as the class has a rating in the Northern California PHRF database. All other boats must submit a PDF copy of their certificate with their first race entry of the year, and again if their rating changes. Please note that last yearís certificate will no longer be accepted for the Three Bridge Fiasco: if you had a cert last year, itís a quick and easy process to get it renewed. Also, Monterey Bay certs wonít be accepted in 2011. To get a certificate for a monohull, see For a multihull, go to

Iím chasing Doublehanded season points. Iíve entered the upcoming race, but my crew got sick / broke up with me / is in jail. Can I sail by myself and still be scored as Doublehanded?

Yes, but just once per season. Weíve always allowed our dedicated loners to sail solo in the Vallejo 2; now you can play that chip in some other race. But in that case youíd better find someone to sail back from Vallejo with you!

Iíd like to help on race committee / organize a cruise-in / give a presentation at a meeting. Whom should I talk to?

Why, bless your heart! For race committee, contact either of the co- Race Chairs, Jonathan Gutoff or Scott Prusso. For anything else, Commodore Max Crittenden is probably your best bet. Really, any member of the Board will steer you in the right direction. See the Contact page on the SSS