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Thread: Yerba Buena restricted area

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    Default Yerba Buena restricted area

    All Three Bridge Fiasco entrants should be aware of the restricted area on the southeast side of Yerba Buena island, off the Coast Guard station. This one can come into play if you're looking for current relief. It isn't called out specifically in the Standing SI's but is included in the catch-all clause 14.a.ii.

    If you want to look up the rule yourself, it's in 33 CFR 334.1065. Here's the Cliff Notes version:

    Put a waypoint of 37 deg 48.45' N, 122 deg 21.583' W in your GPS. This is the southeast corner of a tall, narrow box that we need to stay out of. The two adjacent sides of the box run due north and due west to the island.

    Stay out of the box, and help us by protesting any boats who don't.

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    There's a chartlet for this on the SSS Racing page:

    i28 Horizon

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    Would I leave that to the East ,,, or to the West ???

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