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Thread: YRA Party Circuit - Short-handed Division

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    Hey SSSers, The YRA is adding a Short-handed Division to its popular Party Circuit Series for 2008. The PC includes 3 weekends of racing, with 2 races each weekend. Included are space at the host club's marina and a dinner/party on Saturday night. The Race Weekends are: Great Vallejo YC Race (May 3/4), Encinal YC 2nd Half Opener (July 26/27), and Corinthian YC-YRA Season Closer (Sept. 27/28). Short-handed Division boats may sail either Single or Double-Handed and may use steering aids and double headsails, as per SSS Standing Instructions. Daily prizes and Season trophies. Entry fee is $120 = 3 weekends, 6 races, 3 parties. What a deal! Contact the YRA Office at 415.771.9500 or check the YRA Website <> for details. Or contact me in my capacity as YRA Chairman. Thanks, Pat Broderick

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    Hi Patrick,

    Can I enter into different divisions for each of the party-circuit races.

    For the Vallejo I would likely do it fully crewed, but I would probably like to the the other two short-handed.



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    Very cool. I won't be able to do this, this year, but if I get another boat after the SHTP, this is perfect for me for 2009.

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