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Thread: LongPac Tactics Seminar on May 12th

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    I just tried it again. I requested a COAMPS grib file going out seven days and got one that projected out a max of 41 hours.

    It appears the .5 x .5 degree resolution is a limitation in my nav software. Perhaps if I request the file directly (not through the software) it will display the additional resolution. Also, this file (at .5 x .5) was much better resolution than what I remembered getting. I must have done it wrong last time. (So thanks Paul.)

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    Does anybody use the NAM model? it's 12km grid and runs all the US coast and almost to hawaii (and back :-) ).

    It was the highest resolution model I found about a year ago, and I displayed it and the GFS (available from NOAA in three resolutions) on my blog, but I've no idea how it compares to the COAMPS...


    PS: I'd point you to my weather page so you can compare but I believe it's not working... and I'm in France, so I can not get it back to work right now... sorry, give me 2 weeks... ;-)

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