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Thread: Qualifier?

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    Default Qualifier?

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to decide LongPac (DH) vs. Coastal Cup. I'm not sure if I can do both this summer.

    I know the LongPac or equivalent is a qualifier for the SHTP, but is there a qualifier for the LongPac? The LongPac-specific SIs are not out now.

    LongPac pro: no return delivery, shorter
    LongPac con: need a really good crew, DH is not a qualifier for SHTP

    Coastal Cup pro: good learning experience for crew, prep for PacCup 2012
    get to visit somewhere nice
    Coastal Cup con: return delivery takes time/money, expensive



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    Here's a link to the 2009 LongPac pages.

    The LongPac qualifier used to be the Singlehanded Farallones but in 2009 the minimum was sailing the to-be-entered boat 40 nm, getting at least 20 nm offshore, either SH or DH. Personally I don't think this is enough but I'm not calling the shots.

    I'd think you'd be at a disadvantage racing the Coastal Cup double-handed. You usually need 2-3 good drivers, let alone the rest of the crew.

    Note that the Coastal Cup isn't long enough nor far enough offshore to be a qualifier for the SH TransPac. Even if it was you'd have to race it solo and I doubt they allow that. (Hmmm, does anyone know? That might be fun.)
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    Thanks Bob.

    Actually for Coastal Cup I would go crewed, 6-up or something, so it is really apples and oranges.

    The nicest part of LongPac is you won't be tempted to stay in a hotel or buy a lot of restaurant meals for 6+ people in Avalon. Just you and your loyal crew (or no crew) and a shopping bag full of Cliff Bars out in the fog and cold.

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    I did do the Coastal Cup Single handed in 2002 but ran into an Orca off of Ano Nuevo and pulled into Santa Cruz to check the keel. I fully intend to do it again this year singlehanded. Maybe we could get our own start! George

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    Time to include the Forum back into my daily reading!

    LongPac: Open ocean, almost blue....rhythm of the adventure.
    Coastal Cup: Waves crashing into the coast over and over and over again.

    LongPac: Camaradarie.
    Coastal Cup: Competition. The difference between team racing and SSS racing.

    LongPac: Upwind rewarded by downwind (usually, maybe, sometimes, anticipated)
    Coastal Cup: Downwind rewarded by upwind (usually, maybe, etc.)

    If you dream of sailing to Hawaii, I recommend the LongPac....Out there without the comfort of ducking into the coast...

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