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Thread: 2011 LongPac NOR and RRC

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    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for the rundown on the AIS options. The current draw quoted for the NASA Clipper AIS is only 50 mA, while the current draw for the VHF/AIS combo from Standard Hoizon is quoted at 0.55 A on standby. therefore, if relying on the AIS and one has to leave the VHF on, the current draw would be 10 x as much. do you keep the VHF on most of the time? mostly off? if you keep the VHF off, the lower current draw of the stand alone unit is a significant advantage.

    Thank you,

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    Hi Todd,

    It's not necessary to keep the VHF turned on for the NASA unit to work but I assume it is necessary for the Standard Horizon combo unit's AIS/GPS to work.

    That said, I would monitor Ch. 16 throughout the race. Not only is it advisable to hear safety and emergency broadcasts, but I believe it is required by the USCG.

    The small lit screen on my ICOM VHF is enough to provide a cabin "night light" so it's not all bad. You just need to factor it into your power budget.

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    Default My 2 cents...

    Quote Originally Posted by BobJ View Post
    Top end is an AIS transceiver, which will enable the ships to receive a signal from you as well. By the way, so will your competitors. Without a screen these are $700-$900, or well over a boat buck for a stand-alone unit with screen.
    They're a bit lower than that now, actually. If you're only looking for the transponder, Comar Marine makes a very nice AIS B unit, $599 on as an example. That's the unit I have, and I love it... built in GPS. Watchmate makes a fully integrated unit now, AIS B transponder plus display, $1030 on Milltech. And I love the features of the display.

    If I still sailed my SC27, which was so skinny on systems, I'd opt for an inexpensive receiver only. But on a boat with installed systems, I wouldn't settle for anything less than an AIS B with dedicated display. My 2 cents.


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