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Thread: Singlehanded Tips & Techniques book - Download for FREE

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    Dear Andy. A few months ago I downloaded your book and this is my 1st post. I feel I have to thank you and congratulate you. Hello to all of you who have been here before me. I live too far away, in Athens, Greece, in a distance of 10 minutes walk to my boat. Helping the nature and the climate here, I take every opportunity to go sailing with my Moody 34 (One-Off), all alone. I do return on the same day however, as my wife at home spends her time worrying about me. I guess because I am 79. What do you do when you "get underfoot"? Could Sharon perhaps say a word to my wife Poppy? That is one question. The other question is, how would you tie (adapt) your "tiller shock cord steering" to a wheel? When I get an answer to these two points, perhaps I could risk an overnight trip single-handed.

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    Ilias, I'm glad that you are enjoying my book. Take a look at my new novel "My Brother Chuck". In answer to your first question, it takes a very special wife to marry a singlehanded sailor. Sharon is as much a loner as I am, so she enjoys spending time in her garden. And we've got two dogs to make noise around the house. So you can quit sailing or find a new wife - your choice.
    For your second question, you want to connect the shock cord to one of the bottom spokes on your wheel. The bottom of the wheel turns in the same direction as a tiller. There will be a spot on the spoke, somewhere near the middle, where it acts with the same leverage as a tiller. Connect the shock cord at that point.
    Have fun!

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