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Thread: Active Radar Target Enhancers?

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    Default Active Radar Target Enhancers?

    Who here is using an Active Radar Target Enhancer (RTE), such as the Sea-Me or the Echomax Active?

    If you are using one, where is your antenna mounted? How is that position working out for you?

    I have the Echomax Active X, just have to figure out where to mount my antenna....

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    I use a Sea-me. I've got it mounted on an 8' pole connected to my pushpit, so it sits about 11' above the water.
    the only thing I can say is I'm still alive, so I assume it works.

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    I can't find them right now but there were some posts here about the Sea-Me and the old C.A.R.D. unit. If I recall correctly, the concern was that newer radars transmit on different frequencies than these devices work with.

    I think John Foster had that info - John, are you around?

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    Default Sea - me

    On Anasazi Girl the Sea-me is mounted on the front of the mast just below the radar 7m up. Carbon has no signal. This allowed me to be completely invisible as well as look like a 100 ft fishing boat. I got several calls from ships asking me who I was going so fast. The signal set off their intrusion guard alarms and started automatic tracking at 12 miles. In the southern ocean there were many warnings from the sea me. I could not see the vessels on radar but spoke to them on vhf.I uses a very loud audio buzzer.They are difficult to test in harbor or coast wise situations. You need to set up a test with another vessel to see if your signal increases or not.

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