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    First, thanks to the race committee for a great race (though at times a bit frustrating). Pass on the thanks to CYC for offering a raftup after the race, though this time we didn't finish early enough to take advantage of it before having to make the long delivery back to Alameda. (which btw, makes me think we have to re-instate a race that finishes in the Estuary. Us Alameda based boats need a break on deliveries, and I think container traffic might be a bit down these days).

    We had a good day aboard JetStream. There is a report of our race at our blog

    There are also pictures from the race by at

    Also wondering if anyone in the race deck had a camera with a long enough zoom to capture us reaching with our kite up going 'west' through Racoon Straits. It is not something I have ever done before.

    Also some good race reports at both norcalsailing and pressure-drop.

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    We had a good time too, our track looks a lot like Jetstream's except that we took about an hour longer going about it.

    link here

    I was glad of the relatively light winds, it kept my crew content as she does not favor heavy air and a lot of heeling.

    We saw TAZ! having some fun just past Blackaller playing follow-the-leader with his partially hoisted kite, I guess he got it sorted out eventually as he finished pretty well.

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