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Thread: SHTP 2012- who's doing it?

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    call my boss Ryan Nelson at West Marine Alameda rig shop. He owns 2 505's and actively races one of them. He is a player in the local fleet and may know of someone who would be interested in your boat, or at the very least may be able to offer you advice on selling the boat, and how much to ask.



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    On board 'Nereida' when possible - in S.Africa just now


    Hi Ronnie/Ken/Bob et al!! Good to see you're planning it again, Ronnie... and as for Ken - "Good on yah!" Can't keep a good man down...!

    Can I come up from SE/Tahiti across Finish line, if timing works out...? I'll even volunteer to be 'comms' boat for last few finishers again, if needs be...anything to help! Seriously, I might be somewhere near-ish - so I could be watching and/or listening out for you all. Not sure if I can make SF for the start (sound familiar...?) - as Ken says... it's still a long time away... but crossing the Finish might be easier!

    Good luck to you all with your prepping...
    Jeanne "Nereida"

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    Default I'm in

    From Vancouver BC, I've done the qualifier and sent the check so it looks like I'm in. 50' S&S aluminum sloop from Palmer Johnson. Early IOR boat pretty much completely set up for cruising. After the race will probably turn left and have a look at the South Pac. Made the trip to and from Hawaii a few times but never alone.

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    Default Two Canadians

    Woo Hoo!

    I guess there will be two of us out there. Just got back to snowy Alberta after spending a week in the beautiful Alameda area. Really enjoyed seeing everyone and finally got a chance to get Little Bo Peep out on the water. So much left to do before next June but things are coming together.
    Counting the days until my next visit! See you guys in January.

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