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Thread: Update as of 3:45pm, 7/8/11

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    Default Update as of 3:45pm, 7/8/11

    Ragtime! has hit the mark and is screaming home. His ETA at the GGYC is a bit hard to calculate right now, but we are expecting him home anytime from 9:00am-3:00pm on Saturday. It all depends on the wind between the islands and the Gate.

    Moonshadow is only 19 miles from the mark and should be turning for home by 6:00pm tonight. We will welcome him back sometime on Sunday!

    Darwind and Tortuga are holding fast and still heading West to the mark. They are 50 and 70 miles, respectively. We are cheering them on!

    I will post the best ETA we have for Ragtime! tomorrow morning. If you can make it, come out to the GGYC and give Bob a huge welcome back!

    BTW: Alchera is back at port. He took his transponder down after spending the night at Drakes Bay. All is well.
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