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Thread: Update as of 8:00am, 7/9/11

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    Default Update as of 8:00am, 7/9/11

    Ragtime! is 15 miles from the finish and we expect him to cross the line sometime around 11:00am +/- 30 mins.

    I just got off the sat phone with Tortuga and he is doing well. He is about 9 miles from the mark on his current track and should be hitting the magic line in less than two hours. He is very excited to hit the line! He told me, "It's going to be the longest two hours of my life until I hit the line." Awesome! He is in 18-20 kts of breeze and is on a beam reach. He said the wind was pretty high last night, 25 kts with gusts to 30. He is in good spirits and feeling well. We cheer him on!

    Darwind and Moonshadow have both made the mark and are heading home. More on these boats later.

    Taz!! is safely back in the bay as of 6:00am this morning and getting some sleep. He said he turned around in 38 kts of breeze and huge seas. Wow.

    The 2011 LongPac, one to remember.

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    Default Way to go!

    Great job all the boats still out in the race! Congratulations to Bob!

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