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Thread: Update as of 7:00pm, 7/9/11

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    Default Update as of 7:00pm, 7/9/11

    Ragtime! finished at 10:48:27. Here are some pictures and video from the finish:



    As of 7:00pm tonight, Moonshadow is 27 miles from the finish. His expected ETA is around midnight tonight +/- one hour. It all depends on the wind outside the gate. We will be there to welcome him home!

    Darwind is doing great and heading for home at 6.19 kts. His course is directly for the gate and at this rate we will welcome him home sometime on Sunday.

    Tortuga is 192 miles out and heading home and looking great. We will welcome him home sometime on Monday. Great endurance Randy, keep it up!

    If you want to bring coffee, or something stronger and join us tonight to welcome Moonshadow home, more the merrier!

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    Default Thanks and Go Baby Go

    Darwin, Tortuga!!
    You all are awesome. I speak from experience! Am so impressed by the improvements in RC and communicating to us spectators.

    former RC

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