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Thread: Survival suits.... opinions?

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    Default Survival suits.... opinions?

    Anyone out there have experience with a survival suit? I would like to get one, but I don't know what to look for in a suit that I would be using for racing.... solo in a multihull.

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    Default survival suits

    I keep 2 survival suits on my Yankee 30, one quite old (in case of doublehanding..joke) and a 2 year old one for me. I used to practice putting it on and jumping overboard but must admit I have not done that the last few years. They are a bit difficult to put on esp when there is trouble, but you can put them on over clothes and even in the water if highly motivated. Once you are in one, the suit does keep you floating and warm. A few years ago 3 fishermen off of Drakes Bay were in the 53 degree water for 26 hours and when they were rescued, they went out for breakfast. I take my suit with me if racing off shore on some else's boat.

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