I plan to do the 2014 race (my youngest son's last summer home is this year). I have a Capri 25. I do a good deal of single handed sailing now in SoCal, but need advice to start getting ready for the Transpac.

I have been reading the forums and looking at solutions to meet the power generation requirements. I have a towed generator, and have researched solar and wind generation. The boat is small, and it seems a small Honda 2000 would work well and use less than 10 gallons of fuel for the passage (all my lights are LED and I only run a GPS and the Raymarine 1000 auto pilot). Is this a workable idea and have others gone this route?

I have a 10 gal. water tank built in. Is it possible to take the remaining water in stored jugs, or do I have to install an additional tank?

I have a vintage Hasler SP vane that works beautifully upwind, not so beautifully downwind. How many competitors use a vane for the trip and how many use autopilots?

Do most racers fly chutes for the passage or is it common to go to twin headsails etc.

I know the questions may be rather basic but you have to start somewhere!

Thank you,
Doug Paine
Capri 25 Jack