Thinking of trailering my Cal 20 down to SF for the Farallons Race next spring. I don't, as yet, have reliable self-steering, and my budget is tight.

Is it crazy to think of doing the race without self-steering? Admittedly, I have limited singlehanding experience (but hope to have more by the time of the race), so I'm not sure how best to manage the boat without reliable self-steering, other than tying off the tiller occasionally to hold the helm steady when needed (to go forward to drop a sail, etc.), but that is not self-steering per se. I assume others have done the race without reliable self-steering?

Just trying to get an idea of whether the 56 mile trip out and back would be too much without self-steering. Of course, this is a totally subjective question, but just curious to see what opinions are. For the record, I'm early 40s, am fit, so can handle long spells at the helm no problem, but...........but, then long would the Farallons race be in a Cal 20, lessee, 56 miles at a max. 5 knots average = 11-12 hours? Nuts?