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    Do you want to sail down to Hanalei with the fleet this summer but you're not ready to "go it alone?" My name is AJ Goldman and I sailed in the 2010 SHTP. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I would recommend it to anyone that is ready. The only way to really find out if you are ready is to go for it! With this being said, I do understand that for many reasons you may not be able to enter the race. I currently do not have a boat and I would love to sail down to Hanalei again this summer as a tag along boat. We could even be the communications boat for the race if it worked out. If anyone out there has a boat that is ready to go (minus maybe a liferaft/EPIRB/Sat Phone/SSB which we can easily get), and you have the desire and time to sail "next to" the fleet, then please contact me. The time on the ocean is magical, "tree time" in Hanalei is the best, and the sunsets are better than postcards.

    All my best to the skippers entered in the race!

    AJ Goldman

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    Have you thought about crewing for Pac Cup?

    I am doing Pac Cup double handed this year, not sure about my return plans or return crew.

    I'm very tempted to stop by Hanalei on the way back to California. Though it will add 5 days or something!


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