I have a box of assorted sailing junk for biggish boats that I'm not going to use for a long, long time and it's time to get it out of my garage... First come, first served.

1 Transpac -certified sail repair kit. Exactly the same as what I carried in 2008.

2. TransPac certified, load-certified West Marine jacklines, cut to fit Santa Cruz 27.

3. an entire gooseneck..mast fittings, boom fittings, the lot for a Santana 3030

Some other drek, like one of those super-bright handheld spotlights that plugs into your cigarette lighter. A little spinnaker turtle. A couple of sausage bags for headsails... a hatchway spinnaker launch bag...assorted turnbuckles, cam cleats etc. etc.

4. Oh, and some old-style big snatch blocks, I think there are 4 of them.

Call me. Free. First person to pick them up, gets them. If nobody wants 'em they go into the trash in 14 days. Oh, if you come down and pick 'em up, you can take the SC27 spreaders to Ronnie, as well.

six five oh
two n1ne n1ne
won ate five oh