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Thread: smartphone navigation for SSS

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    Default smartphone navigation for SSS


    I have been playing with some html code that uses the GPS on your smartphone and does basic navigation calculations.

    I've got the corinthian route set up so you can find the marks just by bookmarking the web page. In case you don't have the waypoints on your boat GPS, or in a different app on your phone, and it gets dark or the fog rolls in. You don't need to install an app, just bookmark this web page:

    Open it on your phone, not your computer. For more info go here:

    I've tested it a lot on my android phone and a little on various iphones. Let me know if you spot any bugs. I know there are many other ways to do this but this requires no effort on your part! The mark locations are from the USCG data, so Blackaller may or may not be right (it looked good when I checked against my 3BF track). The finish is probably a bit off, I just stuck a mark off the club using google earth, and it's just a single point not a line.

    -Mike (Firebolt)
    You can also scan this with your phone: Name:  corinthian.html.jpg
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    I loaded it and will play with it during the race. Looks pretty cool!

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    Thanks breezetrees, this looks interesting.
    Question, this is just plain HTML with gps calls right?
    Assume that such files can be saved locally and used with a GPS enabled device that has no data connection?
    I use a wifi tablet w/out data plan at the moment, thought I'd check it out.



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    It is just html/javascript and you should be able to save it to your device and load it locally if you don't have a data conection on the water. The only thing that won't work is the google ad. Your tablet needs a gps though!

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