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Barient and Barlow Winch Spare Parts


With the demise of the companies that manufactured BARIENT & BARLOW winches, almost every customer who ever purchased those winches has experienced some frustrations in trying to keep the winches serviceable. Unfortunately, no provisions were made to ensure supply of even the most basic of spare parts for BARIENT & BARLOW equipment.

But there is hope. The AUSTRALIAN YACHT WINCH COMPANY can help.

We have purchased a large quantity of the original Barient and Barlow tooling and all the technical data covering the entire period of their existence. Additionally, our intimate knowledge of Barient and Barlow products ensures delivery of the correct spare parts at minimum fuss.

Spare Parts Price List (in US Dollars) effective from January 1, 2007:

SNIP (See their web pages)

We will quote on all other components (including Gears, Gear Shafts, Main shafts, etc.) on request.

Components will normally be manufactured to their original specifications. However, our intimate knowledge of the products makes it possible for us to upgrade poorly designed original components.
Over the years Barlow and Barient winches have been subjected to a substantial number of design changes. Often those changes have not been documented in detail, sometimes not at all. Because of this, it is often difficult to determine the correct spare parts. You can help to avoid frustrations and unnecessary delays by supplying as much information and description of the parts as possible.

It is most important that you supply the following details:

* Make and Model No. of winch
* Standard or Self-tailing winch configuration
* Date of manufacture
* For Gears, please supply where possible:
o Number of Gear Teeth
o Outside and Bore diameters

IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding the delivery of Spare Parts for BARIENT and BARLOW winches:
Unfortunately the production schedule of our proprietary products can not be interrupted for the manufacture of Spare Parts for products of past and present competitors. While we make every attempt to ship within the quoted delivery times, some shipping delays may be unavoidable.

If you have any questions, and for prompt and personal attention, please don't hesitate to send us an email at <>