2012 SSB Test Net - Fire up the rig and get on the air!

Sunday April 29, 3:00-4:00 PM PDT (2200-2300 UTC)

3:00 3:15 PM : 4A (4146 kHz)

3:15 3:30 PM : 6A (6224 kHz)

3:30 3:45 PM : 8A (8294 kHz)

3:45 4:00 PM : 4A (4146 kHz)

San Francisco Net Control: Paul Elliott S/V VALIS call sign WDB2898

SoCal Net Control: Gordon West call sign WMD

PNW Net Control: Jim Innes S/V Red Sheilla call sign CFN5335
and/or David Sutcliffe S/V KINETIC call sign CFG7437

This is an excellent opportunity for SHTP, Pac Cup, and Vic/Maui racers to make sure their SSB communications are ready to go. We will be operating on three different frequencies, which should allow for not only local but long-distance communications (propagation permitting). Do try to make contact on each of the frequencies, since you are not only testing your radio system, but making sure that your radio does not adversely affect your other electronic systems, and these effects can be very frequency-dependent.

Here is a link to a pdf with times and frequencies: SSB Test Net