The Pacific Cup morning SSB radio check-in has moved to 1000 PDT. As in previous races, our informal afternoon net starts at 1700 PDT. Our frequencies remain 4A (primary), 4V, 6A, and 8A (backup).

On the off-chance that any of you SHTP racers are still on the water and within radio range after July 16 when the Pac Cup starts, you are welcome to check in.

Also, we will no doubt continue our very informal return net, and this has started at 2000PDT (1700HST). The frequency is usually 6A, with 4A and 8A as backups. We typically start back for the mainland in the week following our awards ceremony on Aug 3. VALIS is going to try to get out of town on Aug 5. We shall see...

I wish all SHTP racers a wonderful voyage and good luck in the race. Let me specifically wish Green Buffalo the best of luck (skill isn't an issue with Jim), and a big thank you for not being a competitor in this year's Pac Cup. Please do try to report any significant floating debris you might spot along the way.

Paul Elliott / VALIS