Selling the HF Radio System from Moonshadow. Used for the 2012 SHTP. Modem and cables connecting it to 700 Pro were bought new in June 2012, AT130 was new at installation in April. As was the Kiss Ground system. 700 pro worked flawlessly over and back. Good signal strength and quality were reported. Used for WX fax and sailmail during entire trip. Now it is time to get the weight off the boat for the bay races. No need to be sitting in the closet gathering dust. Modem is USB/ Bluetooth. You can bring your laptop computer and we can hook it all up and you can see it all work before we remove it from the boat. You will need a 30 amp breaker and either a insulated back stay or HF Whip antenna and you are ready for your next adventure.. Pictures on Craigslist...$2800. 602-743-7129 Also have a Iridium 9575 Sat Phone for sale. 2 months old.