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Thread: X-5 Tiller Pilot, p70 and S100 controllers - a cautionary electronics tale

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    Default X-5 Tiller Pilot, p70 and S100 controllers - a cautionary electronics tale

    A quick note to spare others unnecessary expense and trouble. I'm configuring my Moore 24 for single handing, and a few unanticipated gybes while hoisting the spinnaker (one in the most narrow part of the Alameda Estuary - hubris) led me to purchase an X-5 core pack, along with a p70 and S100 controllers. So far so good, but the p70 and the X-5 computer are SeaTalkng compatible, and the S100 is not. You need to build a minimal SeaTalkng network comprised of just a few bits without a SeaTalkng backbone cable but is still about $150). This is all ok if you are adding additional RayMarine bits, as I am, but if you are just building an autopilot system, you may want to explore the ST6002 controller. NOTE: I EDITED THIS POST TO REMOVE REFERENCE TO THE SEATALK-1 TO SEATALKNG CONVERTER. RAYMARINE GAVE CONFLICTING ADVICE, AND THE X-5 WILL CONNECT DIRECTLY TO THE S100 VIA SEATALK-1. SORRY, JUST PASSED ON WHAT I WAS TOLD.

    I'm sure this is old news for many, but new to the bewildering world of marine electronics and proprietary protocols, I thought I would share this information. I'm sure I'll learn more as I look at interfacing my SH 2150 and some arbitrary choice of chartplotter or iPad.
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