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Thread: Non-SSB Interference Issues

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    Default Non-SSB Interference Issues

    When the stern pulpit starts to look like an antenna farm and you have various cables running alongside each other, are there any no-nos?

    I'll have cables coming forward under the cockpit for the second VHF antenna (feeding the AIS), the C.A.R.D., the two solar panels, and the external GPS. Along the way the autopilot cables will be there too. Can some of these be bundled together without causing problems?

    (I already know about the SSB vs. autopilot RF issue and that's sorted - the SSB tuner and cables are on the other side of the boat!)

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    I doubt you will have a problem, particularly since the SSB and your primary VHF aren't in the bundle. I've got a similar bundle which contains the SSB, the autopilot, a Raymarine high speed bus, NMEA bus, AIS antenna, Iridium antenna, radar antenna, and two GPS antennas, and other than a few glitches during SSB transmission, I haven't had any problems. But keep a few spare chokes around just in case.

    - Mark

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