Forum woes

Hi All,

As many of you have noticed and communicated to me, we are having a number of issues with our forum.    Some can’t log in, and some can’t log out.    It is likely that this is due to some corruption of the software rather than a malicious attack as we have suffered in the past.   It seems to be getting worse, too.

I am working on this time allowing, while being careful not to damage anything or loose data.

Thank you for your patience.   Please add your comments to this post if you are so moved.


2015 Tentative Schedule

At the Vallejo 1-2/Season Overall Awards meeting, the membership got a preview of our upcoming 2015 season.   Dates are contingent on final negotiations with YRA.   Additionally, we will try to have a Cruise-In sometime in June.  

Three Bridge Fiasco January 31
Corinthian March 21
‘Round the Rocks April 18
SH Farallones May 23
LongPac TBD
Drake’s Bay August 22-23
Half Moon Bay September 19
Vallejo 1-2 October 17-18

The member survey indicated a strong preference to have essentially the same season for 2015 as we had in 2014.   Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey; we had an excellent response with more than 80 replies.

There were a number of comments in the survey about the NCORC equipment and training requirements — these issues continue to receive a lot of scrutiny and debate.