Cruise-In Update

UPDATE regarding the Cruise-Out on Saturday October 31, 2015. The Sequoia Yacht Club is having its Halloween party on Friday, October 30, so on Saturday, October 31 the Singlehanded Sailing Society will probably find a quiet oasis in the South Bay.

We will rendezvous at McCovey Cove @ High Noon on Saturday. Remember, this is not a race. It is a Cruise. There are no rules, skippers must find their own way down via charts and avoid all manner of pitfalls and restricted areas without the guidance of a race committee. Boats will monitor Channel 72.

Attached find charts of the South Bay and a map of The Port of Redwood City Yacht Harbor. See the location of Sequoia Yacht Club on the map.

The street address of Sequoia Yacht Club is 441 Seaport Court, Redwood City. There is room to stern-raft up for approximately 8 or 9 boats at the Sequoia Clubhouse deck. The Yacht Club has showers for use, but they will be closed at 8pm.

If you have a slow fat boat and you don’t think you’ll get those raft up spaces you might call ahead to reserve a slip from Spinnaker Sailing, which manages the harbor. Slip rental = $0.85/foot. No credit cards, cash or check only. A deposit will be required for the gate and bathroom key fob. If you want a shower key it is a separate $20 deposit. For slips call Rich Ferrari or Dana Ochstein or Mike @ 650.363.1390 email: The harbormaster office hours on Saturday and Sunday = 9am – 5pm. They monitor channel 16.

  • The SSS will provide hamburgers, hot dogs and a vegetarian option (probably bocaburgers), also some kind of yummy dessert. Please bring side dishes of your choice to share. They don’t have to be elaborate, just edible. We are welcome to use the club’s gas grills. Please, if you are the first to arrive (Greg Nelsen? Bob Johnston? Synthia?), start up the grills and food preparations for club members in slower boats.
  • There will be a Sequoia member available behind the bar until 8pm. The following beer pitchers are available for $14: Stella, Anchor, Sierra, Laginatis IPA, and Coors Light= $12
  • After 8pm we cannot drink on the Club’s beautiful deck or on the guest dock. After 8 pm all alcoholic beverages must be moved aboard our boats.
  • THERE WILL BE PRIZES FOR: 1/ The oldest SSS shirt; 2/ The most friends and family members aboard upon arrival; 3/ Youngest crew member aboard; 4/ longest trip (set your gps odometer as you leave your slip)

There have been questions:

Q:      how good are the prizes? I don’t need another tshirt

A:      The prizes are very cool. Not expensive. Very SSS. There will also be free t-shirts.

Q:      How many points for children?

A:      Despite stereotypes to the contrary, many members of the singlehanded sailing society like children. Some even have children of their own. To encourage this proclivity children aboard garner double points. Anticipating PHYF questions (“performance handicap youth fleet”), a measurement method (a measuring tape) will be utilized at the Sequoia Yacht Club if necessary. There will be no appeal process.

If you can’t persuade anyone to sail with you, if you can’t bribe friends and no one will let your borrow their children, take note: This is the Singlehanded Sailing Society. It’s okay to come solo.