3BF Skipper’s Meeting

3bf skippers

Three Bridge Fiasco PRO Bob Johnston presided over Wednesday night’s skippers’ meeting. ©2014 norcalsailing.com

Two Days Till Three Bridge
January 23, 2014
In case you missed Wednesday night’s Three Bridge Fiasco skippers meeting at Oakland Yacht Club, here’s a recap.

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Meanwhile, the wind forecasts may be all over the shop, but the tides are likely to be strong and contrary much of the time.   Fiasco, indeed.

Big turnout at the SHTP “Rudders” seminar

We saw a big turnout for last night’s SHTP seminar on the topic of emergency rudders and autopilots.   Many attendees were PacCup entrants as well.   We’ll be posting the slides from the autopilot portion of the evening and links to YouTube videos soon.

SSS Annual Meeting

Special report from NorCalSailing   November 1, 2013

Group of overall winners
Meet the SSS champs. Left to right: a future SSS sailor, Chris Lewis, Darren Doud,
Dave Morris, Ruth Suzuki, Gordie Nash, and Dan Benjamin. ©2013 norcalsailing.com

Just like baseball, every season must end eventually. The Singlehanded Sailing Society held their 2013 season-ending meeting to give out awards for 2013 and talk about the plans for 2014. The awards section of the evening started with the overall trophy for the light air Vallejo 1-2 held on October 19-20. Scott Owens, the current caretaker of the Schumacher 1/4-tonner Summertime Dream. Scott didn’t have enough gas to get home, so he and his crew had to be patient and stick it out in Sunday’s drifter.

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