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Singlehanded Sailing Society

PO BOX 828
Alameda, CA 94501   USA

Use the SSS phone number below for all non-emergency SSS contact
866-724-5777   (866-SAIL-SSS).   However, email is strongly preferred.  Really strongly. 

SSS Board for 2021

SHTP 2014 GGSHTP 2014 JBCommodore
Joe Balderrama
43 spinnaker vallejo 1 2019_3423 (2)IMG_1523 (2)Treasurer
Tracy Rogers
IMG_1515IMG_3806Secretary/Communications Officer
Randy Leasure
Nightmare and JouJou2Race Chair
Tom Boussie
Race Information Officer
Tim Roche
SHTP Chair
Brian Boschma
2021 Staff
J VickersRace Committee
Jim Vickers
49E1995E-6ABF-4DFA-9A6A-F92AAAFFA478_1_105_cA79DE7AA-AB3F-4ED1-825A-98642A8B611B_1_105_cRace Information Officer
Tim Roche

Nightmare under sail IMG_8130_DxoIMG_2123Website
Gregory Ashby