Day 13, 7/1/21

With the R/C fully entrenched in the condo overlooking the finish line, the fridge stocked with food as well as beer ;), arrangements made to pick up the chase boat, vhf radios set up and tested, it was time to enjoy Kauai a bit.

Lee Johnson of s/v Morning Star, veteran of the 2018 SHTP, offered a cruise around the corner to view the Nipali coast. 

Meanwhile the racers make steady progress.

Northern Star, 09:03
Northern Star Daily Report, all well aboard Northern Star. Spinnaker snuffer has tangled itself tightly on headstay both preventing me from getting it down and from unfurling jib, so the pace will be slow until/unless I can clear it. The spinnaker was presenting a danger and I cut most of it away so will be without for remainder of trip. All material and lines on boat, nothing was left in the ocean.

All said though, things are fine.


Shark On Bluegrass, 09:43
Wind, alas! Thou shall trim sails to the course of the righteous!

Mountain, 10:40
Intelligent life on Mountain?

Green Buffalo, 10:28
Wind still picking up… zigging and zagging a bit to avoid the proto squalls (more dark cloud then squall but still with an uncomfortable amount of wind to nap thru… saw 24k this morning). Debating if I should go to the shy kite tonight.

Yesterday afternoon was the first real “blue skies”. Glorious sailing with a bit of surfing. Chance to see how much power the solar can put out (a single 140W panel). In prior years, with a 50 year old engine, no solar, and a bit less battery storage, I would end up running the engine 4 hours per day… this trip its been closer to 1 to 1.5 hrs per day.

Had the quesidillas… but I can tell the guac and sour cream are “one time use” (they only made it this far because they were sealed… no refrigeration on the Buffalo).

Still running down the rhumb line… jibing twice per day…

Green Buffalo