Day 17, 7/5/21, Bring ‘em on home!

The last couple days have been fast and furious!
Five boats arrived Fourth of July starting with,
Nozomi at 12:51:30
Mountain at 15:26:08
Green Buffalo at 18:28:25
Siren at 2223:24
Perplexity at 22:51:25
Made for a long day for the chase boat crew!!

This morning brought us ,
Rainbow at 12:23:18

Presently awaiting Shark On Bluegrass due in around 21:00

Shark on Bluegrass finished at 20:16:50
Being outboard powered and sailing without the engine mounted on the transom, required a tow to the anchorage. We circled the anchorage twice while bleary eyed Falk untangled the anchor rode. 

Hula, 09:14:08, arrived with the spinnaker wrapped having the middle 1/3 still drawing. We put his wife Darlene aboard and they did circles to finish the wrap and head into anchor.

17:27:40 brought us Northern Star with a spinnaker wrap as well.
Chase boat crew Synthia boarded to assist with anchoring.

Sea Wisdom finished at 21:52:24 with a faulty rudder using the Hydrovane as backup rudder. Greg boarded from the chase boat to assist with anchoring.

All times listed here are HST