D1 ELMACH : close call with a buoy on the start (there is a picture) and a whale indulging me with the smell of her breath. Happy with my position in the pack

D1 ELMACH : Cold, 20 to 25 Kts, waves cross beam. A sense of deja vue with the recent crossing from BC, at least I knew where to find the tuque

D2 ELMACH: 14C in the cabin, tuque on, that old sleeping bag shows up unexpected … from Tibet to the Pacific Ocean, who would have guessed ?

End of D4 – ELMACH: Enfin du soleil ! Shorts, a bit of Gennaker, still catching-up on some sleep. Sea state much easier with .5 to 1m waves.

7/01 Check-in. All good

7/2, Canada Day report from ELMACH – sailing with a flag. A bit of gennaker but then above 18 Kts it feels like dancing with a partner who can hurt you…

7/2, Clear sight of Henna Cargo ship passing by at 2nm … in clean air condition means probably 5nm of visual

7/3 What a ride yesterday with Gennaker. It went from surfing the waves at 10.4 Kt to watching it roll around the jib furler … 2 hours to untangle. Exhausted. 

Today too many squalls to open-up the flying machine. Heading Southwest will be tricky while wind too much on the stern and waves abeam are rolling Elmach

Bestiary report (all landing on deck) : Squid, Sardine, Flying fish … and unidentified fishing boat spreaders wide open, no AIS on my 6 in the squall 

Towards the finish line with hard sun, squalls and the dolphins for the welcome committee to the Hawaiian island.  
Had to do some acrobatic repair in the middle of the night to reconnect the mainsail to the boom … 25 to 30 Kts squalls didn’t passed unattended. 
But those surfing sessions pushing ELMACH’s 35000 Pounds to 12kts in the middle of the night will not be forgotten.