Jamani reporting on progress..

After 5 days of sailing and over 850 nm from the GGB, things are settling into a routine. We survived the (very) windy reach with minimal carnage, then Jamani fought through the transition zone desperate to get south. What a weird Pacific High this year! Even at latitude 30N (ie Mexico) we still suffered high pressure and low wind speed. Yesterday, at latitude 30N I crossed Maersk Tender around 1600 hrs. It looked strange, two large commercial vessels very close together. They politely informed me that they indeed were tethered together – with a net(!) – sweeping plastic out of the High. They asked me to get out of their way as they had “limited maneuverability.” As did Jamani, with 3 kts boat speed in 5 knots of wind. But we avoided them and wish them well on an amazing mission.

Here’s best wishes for safe and fast tradewind sailing to all the competitors.