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Membership List on Jibeset


The Singlehanded Sailing Society (SSS) was conceived to provide a forum where sailors and others interested in the sport of singlehanded sailing could share their ideas and experiences. It is the intent of the SSS to make it possible for such sailors to compete in seaworthy sailing vessels of various types and designs on a fair and equitable basis. The purpose of the races is to provide an organized arena in which ideas, equipment, designs, and vessels specifically created, built, modified, or equipped for long distance singlehanded racing may be tested and evaluated through friendly sportsmanlike competition. The development of personal skill in singlehanded sailing is encouraged through sailing events and seminars.

The SSS organizes eight regular annual races in and around the San Francisco Bay. These races are the Three Bridge Fiasco held in January, Corinthian in February, Singlehanded Farallones in May, Round the Rocks in April, Drakes Bay in August, Half Moon Bay in September, and Vallejo 1-2 (singlehanded up Saturday, doublehanded back Sunday) in October.

Also, the SSS organizes the Singlehanded TransPacific Yacht Race (SHTP) from San Francisco to Kauai, Hawaii in odd numbered years, and the Great Pacific Longitude Race (LongPac) in even numbered years.

In addition to the SSS’s races, the Offshore Yacht Racing Association (OYRA) section of the Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay (YRA) provides a division for singlehanded or doublehanded sailors in approximately 10 races per year. Participation in these races requires a separate application to YRA.  Contact the YRA at

Along with organized races, the SSS sponsors lectures and educational seminars to promote safe shorthanded racing and cruising, and to help prepare interested skippers for the challenge of the long distance races sponsored by the SSS. 

Skippers’ meetings are held on the Wednesday preceding each race unless otherwise noted.

T-shirts are included with each race. Racers must elect to receive a shirt and plaques for each race, else have the equivalent dollars go toward youth sailing foundations across the bay.

Perpetual trophies are awarded to the Singlehanded and Doublehanded Season Champions.


Joining the SSS for a season, or registering for a single race as a guest, are both accomplished via the Jibeset website.  Read the FAQ to learn why you really should sign up for the whole season!

Membership or single-race entries can be paid for when you signup online.  If you cannot pay on line, you may mail a check to the address found on the Contact page.  If you cannot sign up electronically, please contact us.

Check the Home or Racing pages for the latest race entry information.

SSS Membership – $170

The $170 SSS membership does not pay for YRA membership.

Non-member Race Entry – $50 Singlehanded or $70 Doublehanded

Notes for New Membership on Jibeset:

If you are registering as a Guest, you can not register to become a member. Use Cancel to return to Login, select New Boat and enter your E-mail Address.

If you do not have a boat, enter your last name as the boat name and your ZIP code as your sail number.

Membership FAQ

Should I join SSS or just enter individual races?

Apart from the fact that SSS members are really cool, you should become a member if you think you may do three or more of our races this year. Members get to enter the races (except the LongPac or TransPac) for free, so after your third race you’re saving money by being a member.  And you avoid the repetitive payments.

If you’re not sure about your racing schedule, enter a race or two.  If you decide to become a member after that, we’ll credit those entry fees toward your membership.

If I become a member, does that mean I’m signed up for all the races?

No, you need to go through the online entry process for each race (just once for Vallejo 1-2 weekend). Generally, you can’t enter a given race until after the previous race.

We want to be sure that your emergency contact info is current, and that you’ve had a chance to see any amendments to the sailing instructions.