When to File a Protest:
SSS does not encourage or discourage the filing of a protest however before considering a protest please review US Sailing Racing Rules Section A – Protests: Redress; Rule 69 Action – to make sure your protest is in compliance with RRS.

How to File a Protest:
Per SSS Notice of Race and Standing Sailing Instruction #15. Protests:
  1. A boat shall notify the Race Committee of its intent to protest within one hour of its finish.
  2. Protest shall be submitted in writing according to the form proscribed by RRS, and must be received by a member of the SSS Board by hand delivery, email, post or fax no later than 48 hours after the time limit of the race.
Best way to deliver a Protest:
Although US mail and hand delivery or acceptable, the fastest way to deliver a Protest is by email to the race chair with a copy to the race information officer or commodore.

SSS Protest Contacts:
SSS Commodore – commodore@sfbaysss.org
SSS Race Chair – racechair@sfbaysss.org
SSS Information Officer – raceinfo@sfbaysss.org

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