Round the Rocks Awards 2016 Venue Change to IYC

Sorry for the late notice folks, but the venue for the Around the Rocks Awards meeting has been changed from the usual OYC to Island YC (IYC) located in the Alameda Marina across from the Svend’s yard office. 

The meeting will still be at 7:30PM, Wednesday May 4.

Gate #7 into the Alameda Marina will be the only open gate at that time. There will be a security guard at the gate who will take down a name and license plate.  Simply tell the guard you are going to Island Yacht Club.  The club is next to Svendsen’s hoist on the water.  

Please observe the no-parking signs.  Parking is generally available alongside the warehouse to the left of the club looking towards the water.

Thank you IYC for hosting our meeting!