Reed Bernhard / Mountain
Seattle, Wa
30 years ocean experience including Transpac 99, 01, 03, 05 and 09

Previous sailing experience:raced dinghies in college. Grew up cruising New England and the Caribbean and the Pacific NW.

Why SHTP? Been on my bucket list for years. Plus, it sounds like a lot of fun!
Love the challenge, the solitude, the ocean, the sailing, Hawaii, and the competition!
And, I wish to make my son proud!

Reed Bernhardt / Mountain
Brendan Huffman / Siren
Southern Ca
Ocean experience, 2 Transpacs, 4 PacCups(1 DH), 10 Mexico races.
Reason for doing SHTP, seeking a new sailing challenge.
Goals,  Arrive safely in Kauai, Have fun, Learn.

 Fun fact: my uncle (Jerry Huffman) did 4 SHTPs in 1980s and 90s, 2 on his Cal 34 and 2 on his Wilderness 40

Brendan Huffman / Siren
Will Lee / Sea Wisdom
San Francisco, Ca
Sailing for 21 years, 3 on ocean.
Why SHTP? I always wanted to cross a major ocean passage solo.

Sea Wisdom is my third boat.  This Hinckley is the most classic and traditional boat that I’ve ever owned.  I would like to learn from the race the key features of a sailing yacht that I want to have when I do a circumnavigation … eventually.

Goals, Cross the finish line safely, Learn from fellow SHTP sailors, Enjoy the stars, Have fun!

Will Lee / Sea Wisdom

Falk Meissner / Shark on Bluegrass
Berkeley, Ca

Where you’re from: I grew up in Berlin, Germany, I learned sailing on the lakes around Berlin.  
Age, if you like: A gentleman doesn’t age, he matures  
Years sailing: 25
Ocean experience: Mostly costal sailing, Farrallone races, Monterey, ORYA, and the Long Pac, but not yet real passage making. This is the first time for that.
Reason for doing the race: When I bought the boat more than 15 years ago I already had the  SHTP in mind. Well, it finally made it to the top of the to-do-list.
Goals: arrive in one piece, have fun, win (in that order)  
Shipping or sailing home- Shipping – I am sure there will be a zoom meeting waiting, so no time to sail back … 

I am very excited to finally get to this point, so truly looking forward! 

Jim Quanci / Green Buffalo
Richmond, Ca

jim_quanci head shot

Cliff Shaw / Rainbow
Emeryville, Ca

I live in Walnut Creek and have been sailing for about 57 years.  I enjoy ocean racing and cruising. I’ve done five Hawaii round trips, two of which were SHTP’s 2012 and 2018 and one unofficial PACCUP ’06, plus one Baja HAHA, and one Pacific Puddle Jump ending in New Zealand, several LongPacs, and numerous Drakes Bay, Farallones, Lightbucket and Half Moon Bay races and cruises.

My goals for this race are to have a safe trip, win my division again (easy to do with only one multihull entered!), and spend a some quality time cruising the Islands before returning in late September or early October.

Cliff Shaw / Rainbow

Bill Stange / Hula
Seattle, Wa

Bill Stange / Hula

Kyle Vanderspek / Aloha
San Diego, Ca

Born, raised and residing in San Diego with some time in San Fran for college.
30 years old
Sailing since about 24 years, big boats for about 20.
Grew up with shorter so cal races on a big swan as well as an Antigua race week. In college I was on the CMA offshore team and we did a few distance races on school boats. After college I bought the 33 and we did pac cup in 2018, Cabo in 19, started transpac in 19 before breaking the rudder post and 2020 was… kind of a bust…
I’ve always wanted to do the race as both a personal challenge to see if I can do it, as well as I feel like I have a good boat and I could potential do well if I can sail the boat to the best of my abilities and minimize any potential failures.
Goals… enjoy myself, get to the start line, get to the finish line, do well. In that order.
Will be shipping home.

Robb Walker / Nozomi
Richmond, Ca

Robb Walker

John Wilkerson / Perplexity
Bainbridge, Wa
Years sailing  – too many
Ocean experience – crewed Oregon-Tahiti on a traditional schooner when I was a kid. Pacific loop 2015-16 (Seattle-Mexico-FP-Hawaii-Seattle). 

Reason for doing the race- the motto – ‘buglight for weirdos,’ the opportunity to get into the ocean rythm again, and the surfing

Goals – learn a lot, avoid chinese jibe

Shipping or sailing home- sailing


James Wylly / Northern Star
Seattle, Wa
Ocean experience, 57 years
Why are you doing this?: Sailing across an ocean and ocean racing are two long-held dreams and the SHTP is a great way to accomplish both.
Plan for after the race? (delivering/shipping the boat, selling it, continuing on, etc.) I am sailing the boat back to Seattle after the race and have friends joining for a more leisurely pace than the trip over. I’m looking forward to the return sail as much as I am the race itself.
James Wylly

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