For the SH Farallones, Half Moon Bay, and Drakes Bay races, the SSS requires that entries comply with the Northern California Offshore Racing Council equipment list and that crew meet minimum training requirements as detailed therein, i.e. Safety At Sea (SAS) training.

2024 Northern California Offshore Racing Council (NorCalORC) Equipment List

USSailing Safety at Sea Info
Certified Safety as Sea (SAS) classes come in three levels, half day, one day, and two day.   Your certification is good for five years.   SSS coastal races require the half day certification as a minimum.   The SHTP requires the half day class as a minimum, taken within 5 years of  a race.

Safety At Sea training will be offered by various sponsors as follows in Northern California:

As always, please consult race NORs and SIs for final official requirements for entry.